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Casey Nocket pleads guilty to vandalism

Via Full articleCasey Schreiner

Casey Nocket (aka Creepytings), who may be the most high-profile outdoor vandal in memory, pleaded guilty this week to seven misdemeanor charges of injury and depredation to government property.

According to the plea agreement, Nocket agreed that the government recommended she be sentenced to an initial term of 10 days imprisonment and 100 hours of community service, and that she was responsible for financial restitution which may be in excess of $1000. The plea bargain also stipulates that no portion of financial obligations can be discharged or nullified via bankruptcy.

As of June 13th, Nocket has so far been sentenced to:

  • 24 months probation
  • A ban from entering all lands administered by the National Park Service, National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the purpose of recreation during that 24 month probation
  • Prepare a formal written apology to the National Park Service
  • 200 hours of community service in the National Park Service or other public lands, with a strong preference for graffiti removal

The maximum sentence for depredation of government property is one year and $100,000 per count, along with one year of probation and a $25 fee per count, meaning Nocket could face 7 years incarceration, 7 years of probation, and $700,000.

The restitution hearing is currently scheduled for December 2, 2016, although the parties may agree on an amount before that court date.


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