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Batalha de Mohács, travada em 29 de Agosto de 1526


Batalha de Mohács

The British Museum

  • Object type

  • Museum number


  • Description

    Portrait of Suleyman the Magnificent, a profile bust wearing an elaborate crown with four tiers of goldwork and pearls. 1535 Engraving

  • Producer name

  • School/style

  • Date

    • 1535
  • Materials

  • Technique

  • Dimensions

    • Height: 434 millimetres
    • Width: 295 millimetres
  • Inscriptions

      • Inscription Content

        Lettered beneath the portrait: ‘Suliman Otoman Rex Turc X’ and signed ‘AV 1535’ in the background

  • Curator’s comments

    The engraving appears to be adapted in reverse from a Venetian woodcut of 1532 (for which see ‘Suleyman the Magnificent’, BM 1988, cat.6). The crown was made as a speculation by a consortium of Venetian goldsmiths, and dispatched to Istanbul in 1532, when it was sold to Suleyman for 115,000 ducats. The four tiers were intended to represent the four kingdoms over which Suleyman ruled. For further discussion see Gülru Necipoğlu ‘Süleyman the Magnificient and the representation of power in the context of Ottoman-Hapsburg-Papal rivalry’, Art Bulletin, 1989, 401.27.

  • Bibliography

    • Bartsch XIV.377.518 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display (Italian XVIc Mounted Roy)

  • Exhibition history

    1987 Apr-Jul, Vienna, Kunstlerhaus, ‘Medusa’s Spell’

  • Associated names

  • Acquisition date


  • Department

    Prints & Drawings

  • Registration number


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